Taxpayers Association 
of Vigo County

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History (1936 to present)

As a non-profit, the Taxpayers Association has been instrumental over the past 80+ years in keeping the public aware and informed about where tax dollars get spent and ensuring that tax dollars are spent wisely and for the common good.  The Taxpayers Association is neither for, nor against taxes, but rather for ensuring that all tax monies collected are spent responsibly, transparently, and ensuring that spending of tax dollars in specific locations is justified. 

Look at our publications page for our annual reports, giving you some details on overall budgets in the City of Terre Haute, Vigo County, and Vigo County School Corporation.  

Membership is greatly encouraged and appreciated in order to keep our office running.

Taxpayers Association of Vigo County - Executive Directors
Lester E. Jacks 1936-1951
Lester E. Pennington 1952-1958
John G. Biel 1959-1962
Everett J. Acree 1963-1971
Roberta C. Byrd 1972-1975
Roberta C. Harrison 1976-1981
Carolyn L. Toops 1982-1984
Dolores A. Svendsen 1985-1995
David C. Hurst 1996-2001
Marian Ramsey-Ford 2002-2003
Bernard Ridens 2004/6 - 2012/6/1
John Hilderbrand 2012/6/1 - 2013/7/11
Kim Norris 2013/7/11 - 2015/8/22
No director/Vacant (due to inadequate finances) 2015/8/22 - 2017/9/1
Mitchell P. McCord 2017/9/1 - 2018/2/2
Robert Murray 2018/2/2 - 

Taxpayers Association Presidents List
Benjamin Blumberg 1936
D. C. Johnson 1937
H. L. Dix 1938
J. H. Swander 1939
George A. Scott 1940
Clyde W. Andrews 1941
C. W. Henry 1942
George A. Scott 1943
John G. Biel 1944
George A. Scott 1945
C. W. Henry 1946
John L. Thompson 1947
Clyde W. Andrews 1948
John L. Thompson 1949
Clyde W. Andrews 1950-1958
O. T. Neuenfeldt 1959
Paul J. Pfister 1960
A. C. Simmett 1961
O. Keith Owens, Jr. 1962-1964
Robert H. Gilliland 1965
Russell W. Rink 1966
Robert Prox, Jr. 1967
John F. Spitler 1968
Arthur E. Newport 1969
Gerald L. Eble 1970-1972
Thomas E. Templeton 1973-1974
Marvin Q. Mattison 1975-1976
Richard T. Conley, Sr. 1977-1978
John L. Church 1979-1981
Wallace Page 1982
Donald L. Miller 1983
William Felts IV 1984
William D. Hayes 1985
John T. Eichert 1985
John Perry 1986
David Halsted 1987
Joseph A. Cloutier 1988
Steve Doyle 1989
Jerry Hochstetler 1990
James Clemens 1991
John Hilderbrand 1992
Dwight McKay 1993
Mary Caye Pfister 1994
John O'Day 1995
Richard K. Jenkins 1996
Steve Huffman 1997
Don Ireland 1998
Earl Elliott 1999
Kenneth Williams 200
Linda Forsythe 2001
Brad Williams 2002
Tom Woodason 2005
Tom Woodason 2006
Tom Woodason 2007
Tom Woodason 2008
Tom Woodason 2009
Vicki Barrett 2010
Vicki Barrett 2011
Mike Morris 2012
Mark Elliott 2014
Mark Elliott 2015
Noah Gambill 2016
Lisa Spence 2017

The following is the opening paragraph to the 1936 Vigo County Association by-laws:       


            ?Your committee appointed to study and prepare a set of by-laws for the proposed successor to your Association met at the Deming Hotel, Terre Haute, Indiana, on February 3, 1936. Those present were George C. Foulkes, L.E. Waterman, Lester Jack, D.C. Johnson, and B.F. Small. Benjamin Blumberg, a member of the committee was absent. The committee prepared and submits herewith a set of proposed by-laws, a copy of which by-laws are hereunto attached and made a part of this report.?



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